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The Grilled Cheese

Toast, butter and cheese.

These are the 3 simple ingredients needed to make a marvelous snack that serves perfectly well as either a ore-dinner snack or a hangover cure. Since I have started making these I always make sure to have toast and some sort of cheese slices in the fridge. I mean, you never know when the next hangover is around the corner right?

If I want to go a bit fancier I add some onions, mushrooms and blue cheese. I love blue cheese. Just loooove it. It adds so many different layers of flavor that other cheese kinds can't. I know not everyone likes it. Well, leave it out (but also think over your life choices)! The game changer will be the caramelized onions and mushrooms, which will take a bit of time though. So strap in and enjoy the ride to flavor land!

Difficulty: 1/5

Time: ~5-20 min

Ingredients (1 sandwich):

  • 2 pieces of toast or sourdough

  • 1 slice of Gruyère (swiss cheese)

  • 1 slice of Gouda

  • 1 slice of Blue Cheese

  • 1/2 Onion (stripes)

  • 3-4 small mushrooms (sliced)

  • Butter


  1. Begin by frying the onions and mushrooms at medium heat with a bit of butter.

  2. Season with Salt & Pepper after everything has softened.

  3. Meanwhile spread butter on one side of each bread slice. Get your cheese packets ready.

  4. When the veggies are brown, soft and sexy, take them out and put the one bread slice, butter side down, into the pan. Put the cheese packets onto the bread slice

  5. After about 1-2 min put in the second bread slice.

  6. When the cheese is nice and sweaty fill with the onion-mushroom mix and assemble both slices together. Turn occasionally until both sides are browned and crispy.


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