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🍊Roasted Cauliflower with Orange-Miso sauce 🍊

Roasted Cauliflower is probably the best way to eat cauliflower. The Israelis might have perfected it, though i haven't quiet figured out how to recreate what I've eaten in #telaviv in my home kitchen.

This dish, first seen at @kitchenstories_official, has the perfect combination of sweet, salty, umami, and smoky. The orange juice, combined with the miso gives you an almost complete taste palate. It is easy to make with only few things to prepare,so get ready!

Difficulty: 1/5

Time: 2/5


- 1 cauliflower cut into ~2cm thick slices

- 100ml orange juice

- 30g miso paste

- 80 ml mirin

- 1 spring onion

- a handful of roasted nuts


1. grill the cauliflower slices on both sides in either a grill pan or on the grill.

2. Meanwhile mix the miso, orange juice and mirin and bring to a boil. Reduce until you have a syrup like consistency.

3. That's it! Plate the cauliflower first, add the sauce on top and garnish with the nuts and the spring onions.

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