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Poké Bowl with Miso Mirin Sauce🍜🥗🥣🦀

Poké Bowls originate from Hawaii. They present a perfect fusion between US West Coast and Japanese Kitchen.

What I love about it is the freshness that is provided by exotic fruits with crunchy vegetables and fresh fish. Because of that it is the perfect summer dish (moderate temperature -> less sweating).

It is super easy to make, as you only need to make sure that you have fresh fish and all the other ingredients mise-en-place (prepared, cut, sorted and ready to go).

I tried a miso Mirin mix as dressing this time and it was amazing.

Difficulty: 1/5

Time: 2/5


- sticky rice

- protein base, for example salmon, tuna or tofu.

- fresh veggies, carrots, cucumber, edamame or avocado

- fresh fruits, mango or watermelon

Poke Sauce

- 2Tbsp of miso paste

- 4 Tbsp of water

- 2 Tbsp of Mirin

- 1 Tbsp of kewpie mayo

- a bit of honey


1. Cook the rice

2. Cut your fish and fruit into cubes. And arrange everything on top of the rice

3. Heat all Sauce ingredients in a pan until well mixed and thick. Then let it cool.

4. Drip sauce on top and add some sesame seeds for garnish.

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