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Chinese Cold Summer Noodles, LiangMian (凉面)

In the summer heat, especially the wet and humid one, I really can't eat anything without sweating my a** off. Specifically dishes that combine both hot and spicy. Luckily the chinese cuisine has provided us with cold noodle recipe that is easy to make, #vegetarian and delicious, without the repercussions of continuous sweatsstreams down your face 😰. I ate this alot when enduring the humidity of Tokyo (Japan has their own version of liang main here hehe) in the summer and am so happy to have brought it back to Europe.

Time: 1/5

Difficulty: 1/5

.Meatlovers can add a nice ham.

Ingredients (1 portion):

- cucumber

- 1-2 eggs

- 1 tomato

- 1/3 spring onion

- 120-150g Soba noodles or ramen noodles


- 3 Tbsp peanut butter or tahini

- 2 cloves of garlic

- 2 Tbsp soy sauce

- 1 tsp Mirin

- 1 tsp chilli oil

- 1 tsp honey

- water


1. Cook noodles according to package instructions and then cool it in a ice water bath (prevents it from cooking further)

2. Make an omelette and cut into stripes.

3. Peel and cut cucumber. Cut tomatoes into stripes - don't use the watery inside parts, just eat that on the side! Otherwise you'll water down the noodles.

4. Whip up sauce, adjust water to achieve a nice and runny consistency.

5. Plat the noodles on the bottom, add the sauce and then all the ingredients on top.

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